Cardiac Investigations


A 12-lead electrocardiograph gives us a snap shot of what is happening with the heart. It is simple, non-invasive and provides a huge amount of useful information


A cardiac ultrasound is a safe and non-invasive means of imaging the heart structure and function. It can visulaise the heart valves and different chambers in great detail.


Also called '24-hr tape' or 'loop recorder' it continuously monitors your heart rhythm. It is very helpful in the investigations of patients with arrhythmia

Blood Pressure

A 24-hr BP monitor is important in the diagnosis of hypertension. It provides a complete picture of your BP, based on multiple readings and is much more accurate that single measurments

Cardiac CT Scan

Provides detailed information of your heart arteries, calculating a 'calcium score' and detecting any narrowings or stenoses with a high degree of accuracy

Cardiac MRI

Is a specialist scan tht provides very detailed information about your heart structure and function. Some people e.g. with certain metal implants may not be suitable

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